Taking control of the story.

SOUNDBOKS is one of the fastest-growing startups in Scandinavia and the company behind the world’s most powerful Bluetooth speaker. We help them streamline all external communication, shape their brand identity and build a strong lifestyle brand in the Nordics and in the US.
We do this through brand strategy, PR, video content and targeted campaigns.
  • Defined strategy and activation of lifestyle brand
  • 100+ earned media articles in 6 countries
  • Video content generated over 438,000 impressions


Jesper Theil Thomsen
CEO, Soundboks

SOUNDBOKS was started in 2015 by three young high school friends. Within a few years, the company has grown from a single speaker at Roskilde Festival to a lifestyle brand with millions in revenue and a global presence. SOUNDBOKS was our very first customer. We partnered up with them when they had just released their second speaker which immediately became very popular with the Danish youth.


SOUNDBOKS aimed at getting more overall recognition in Denmark and expanding their brand internationally while increasing the awareness of the speakers’ essential features among potential customers. In time, we recommended that they shifted their focus and strived to become a lifestyle brand instead of just a product. This has become an explicit goal as well.


Together with SOUNDBOKS, we initially looked at the unique nature of their product. SOUNDBOKS produces the world’s loudest portable Bluetooth speaker and our focus centered on the durability and volume capabilities of the speaker, essentially pushing stories that highlighted the USPs of SOUNDBOKS. We have further focused on the success of SOUNDBOKS in order to validate the young company in the eyes of customers. As our partnership evolved, we have also become the drivers behind recreating SOUNDBOKS’ brand narrative and inspiring their future company strategy: We have established SOUNDBOKS as something bigger than speakers and now focus on positioning them as the center of a global community of young people celebrating life. We do this through intense strategy sessions, PR, events, video and campaigns, all spanning over a long and close partnership.


Within the first year of our collaboration, SOUNDBOKS was featured in more than 30 Danish and international media outlets. This included Forbes, Mashable, GQ, Engadget, Maxim, Børsen, Euroman and many more. The articles collectively amassed more than 50.000 engagements on social media and are estimated to have been read more than a million times. Furthermore, Copus had the speaker reviewed on a Youtube channel with more than 13 million subscribers and had the founders featured on nationwide Danish morning show Go’ Morgen Danmark. We have also co-produced 8 brand videos for SOUNDBOKS and helped them launch the SOUNDBOKS 3 through a press campaign resulting in 15 articles in one month. Most importantly, we have helped define SOUNDBOKS’ brand strategy and layed the foundation for their future efforts by positioning them as a young and relatable lifestyle brand producing the world’s loudest portable Bluetooth speaker and making the world a bit more fun.

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