Changing the narrative of climate change.

CHOOOSE is a Norwegian startup allowing companies and individuals to contribute to CO2 reduction through a subscription model. We help them create a positive narrative around combating climate change, positioning them as frontrunners within CO2 reduction and telling authentic stories about people taking climate action.
Starting off by creating a brand narrative, we help shape their communications through brand videos, blog posts and PR action.
  • We've produced video concepts like ‘CHOOOSE News’, ‘This Is Climate Action’ and ‘Explained’
  • We've unwrapped complex topics with in-depth and engaging blog posts
  • 20+ earned media articles in 7 countries

Copus truly understands the journey of a startup.

Andreas Slettvoll
CEO, Chooose

We met up with CHOOOSE at Slush 2018. Together, we quickly sensed that we would be able to create some extremely valuable synergies. CHOOOSE needed our help for a press story about their new product: CO2 drawdown on subscription. After a successful start, we decided to form a long-term collaboration with focus on video production, written content and media relations. Today, Copus is an integrated part of CHOOOSE’s external communication.


Climate crisis has a communications problem - we need less doomsday talk and more optimism. At least, that’s what we think. The purpose of this collaboration is to do everything we can to change the narrative of climate crisis. We are working to help CHOOOSE claim this mission and to position the company as a frontrunner and become the global go-to-place for climate action.


In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we created four different video concepts for CHOOOSE - one of them being the web series ‘This Is Climate Action’. Through a monthly episode featuring individuals or businesses from the CHOOOSE community, we are aiming to inspire and cultivate optimism by telling the positive climate action stories. We handle everything from setting up the interviews to creating the storylines, shooting the film and editing it afterwards.


Working closely with CHOOOSE’s in-house communications team, we continuously collaborate to get international media coverage (+20 articles so far and still counting), unwrap complex topics with in-depth blog posts and produce video concepts like ‘CHOOOSE News’, ‘This Is Climate Action’ and ‘Explained’.

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